Thursday, 12 September 2013

Newman is pressuring/pestering Abbott to give coal exports open slather on the Great Barrier Reef

From Denis at The Nature of Robertson:

This is not an annoying "we told you so" message.
Just read this and weep - for Queensland.
This is the real price of democracy.

Trouble is, it is all focussed on the Galilee Basin, which includes Bimblebox, and of course, the coal will have to be carted offshore via new coal ports, which means more traffic, more dredging in the Great barrier Reef, etc.

And as Brigid keeps telling me, Adani has a bad reputation for corruption in India. Why would they find themselves at home in Queensland?

Get out of our way on huge mines, Abbott told

Denis Wilson
"Always be Mindful of the Moment of Beauty"

"The Nature of Robertson"

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