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Cate Blanchett references Anne Summers on feminism: "Conservatism is affecting the way women perceive who they are in the world. "

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Cate Blanchett

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013 1:30 PM
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While promoting Blue Jasmine in London, for which she's receiving considerable and much deserved Oscar buzz, Cate Blanchett described herself as a feminist and discussed how she feels women's equality is becoming lost and has not yet been remotely achieved. 
Blanchett mentioned that she had been reading a book by Australian feminist writer, Anne Summers, The Misogyny Factor and had realized within her reading that she felt that "all of the steps forward that we've made ... a lot of those have been rescinded." 
She also feels that conservative politics are harming women's perceptions of self. 
Conservatism is affecting the way women perceive who they are in the world. 
Blanchett was later asked about about Australia's first woman Prime Minister Julia Gillard who said she had been the subject of a sexist smear campaign. She agreed that Gillard was a target. 
Whether you admire her as a politician or not, as a woman and out of respect for the office of the prime minister, how she was treated was quite shocking. 
It's terrific having Blanchett self-identify as a feminist and speak out about women's issues in Australia so that others can get a more global perspective of the sexism that permeates around the world. 

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