Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Acknowledging the neighbour - the first step to building community

Jesus asked “Which of these do you think was a neighbour?"
He was telling the story of The Good Samaritan.
This story has an in-built capacity to shock.
It has the ability to ask of ourselves "What about me? What am I doing?"
We need to know what it means to be a neighbour
and to whom we should and must be a neighbour
before we consciously begin to build community.

Community can be an anywhere, anyhow sort of thing -
but it is always inclusive, open-handed, and open-hearted.
It can be built on little, unnoticeable things.
It can be built on major interventions and inputs.
To me this poster encompasses the actions involved
in neighbourliness and community building.
If you are not on the journey to community formation yet,
please make a start to-day.

Creswick Neighbourhood Centre shared Give a Shit about Nature'sphoto.

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