Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tess Lawrence and The Victorian Injustice System: how the NAB wins friends and influences people

Follow-up 2 February 2012:
Please go to this post to find an up to date report of Tess's appearance in the Federal Bankruptcy Court to seek an extension of time to appeal the bankruptcy decision.

Bureaucracies, legal or corporate wait for no-one.  They, on the surface at least, appear to be no respecter of persons.  They are certainly not treating Tess Lawrence of Independent Australia with any respect.  Tess, who has been severely traumatised by what is occurring, has - nevertheless - written of the experience in The Victorian Injustice System.


Know thy enemy is an old saying.  This is an abbreviation from The Art of War by Sun -tzu.  At the end of Chapter 3, Sun-tzu says:

Thus it is said that one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat.  One who know neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement. 
p. 179 in the Ralph D. Sawyer translation
published in 1994 by Barnes and Noble Books

In terms of The Art of War, Michael Chaney could be seen as the Emperor in Council.  The Field Marshall who gives instruction to and authorises the actions of the troops in the field is the CEO, Cameron Clyne.

With this knowledge, Networkers, 
are we able to go into battle on behalf of Tess Lawrence?

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