Thursday, 22 December 2011

A much needed hiatus along with a Merry Christmas and a hoped for Happy New Year

I haven't posted for a little while due to ill health. And - how those days spin around - it is now almost Christmas.  So I am officially posting a blogging hiatus!  Ill health still plagues me - with occasional times of sunshiney normality.  Next week I am being whisked off to Tasmania by a young friend.  Shh! Mustn't tell her, but I hope I am up to it.  

The final thing, I must add, is that I have felt completely overwhelmed by the state of human affairs.  The dismality of the GFC has been persistent for quite a while but the evil-ness of the Qantas lock-out did for me.  This, it now appears, is part of an ever widening conspiracy (dare we say advised by Freehills?)  by Australian employers to indulge in locking out their employees.  

There is an overbearing nastiness and negativity in Australian politics fed by the conservative Liberal/National Parties and their supporters.  The more extreme the racism, sexism and bigotry the more extreme is the invective hurled at our female prime minister.  

I live in a one bedroom cottage with a small garden.  It is like a protective cave for me - and while blogging can deal with most of my angst over the current state of affairs, I do find I need to switch off for a while.  So to all my fellow bloggers and tweeters, please have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas.  I hope our New Year is something to which we can look forward with joy and peace... and not the troubles of a restless world.  Lastly, please be safe.  You are all needed and I want to see and hear from you in the New Year.  

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