Thursday, 1 December 2011

The future is co-created - Nilofer Merchant

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which, in Quaker parlance, speaks to my condition.

I have posted this promo for Merchant's new book not because I want to encourage you into corporate speak or execution, but there are snippets in what she says which are applicable outside corporate life.  You can find in here ideas to dwell upon, to implement as you organise for change, for justice, and for community.  The phrase that grabbed me, old communitarian that I am, is that the future is co-created.

If you lived within earshot of me these days, you would hear me saying "The world is full of smarties but there aren't enough smarts".  This world needs a future and we will only get it by creating it, building it block by block and sector by sector, together.  Isolated financiers - part of the 1% - have caused the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) but don't think that we of the 99% didn't co-operate in one way or another.  Those of us who did not chop up our credit cards; those of us who did not look beyond the glitz of celebrity and advertising to the reality and truth....we co-operated in the creation of a world where people who act to the detriment of the world and human society can flourish and be celebrated.  

Just as co-operation can lead to human detriment, it can lead to human embetterment.  It is really up to us.  We have to have the smarts.  We have to turn our heads around. We have to really think for ourselves and about others, about the planet, about other species.  In doing this, we have to co-operate with others on the same journey.  We have to take some people off the mantlepiece of hero worship and install more worthy humans and pursuits.  Above all, we have to make ourselves the people we need to be and should be.  

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