Saturday, 10 December 2011

Geraldine Brooks, The Boyers and The Idea of Home

Just want to let Networkers know how much I am enjoying the Boyer Lectures this year. The 2011 Boyer Lecturer is ex-patriate Australian author and journalist, Geraldine Brooks.

Brooks' four lectures have the theme, The Idea of Home.  Three lectures have been delivered so far with the fourth and concluding lecture going to air on Sunday. I have been listening to them on podcast, which is great if you have not been able to listen to them directly on the ABC at the advertised times.

If you were to think that The Idea of Home discussed by the very feminine in appearance and voice Brooks is one of narrow and nostalgic domesticity, then you will have to think again.  Her lectures are wide-ranging and international as well as personal.  As one who has never lived outside Australia and has only spent a total of four weeks outside its shores, I envy the perspective of someone like Brooks whose foundational experiences of Australian life are neither forgotten nor superceded yet they have been able to step away from the immersion experience to give a perspective which I am unable to share.

I can't put, satisfactorily, into words my responses to Brooks' words.  All I can say is please listen. Then please do something more...consider!

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