Thursday, 2 June 2011

#PPPs, #Govt, the #AuditorGeneral and the #BigEndofTown


I've never done this before but I'm about to quote myself - from a post done this morning!
What supporters of the free market who want to increase reach and wealth in Australia do is insinuate or worm their way into relationship with government enterprises.  The most scandalous of these relationships are PPPs - Public Private Partnerships. To understand the adverse impacts of PPPs, please follow the writings of Kenneth Davidson who is arguably their greatest critic in this country. The other widespread infiltration into the edifice of public service delivery is outsourcing.
I have been angry about PPPs for a long time.  On reading this article, I am a bundle of mixed emotions: anger, mad, relief and gratitude.  PPPs are a waste of taxpayers' funds - mainly because governments are always able to borrow money cheaper than anyone else can and that includes corporations.  

I am glad, grateful and relieved to see the comments of the Auditor-General.  While it is possible for the Aud-Gen's comments to be by-passed and ignored by politicians and bureaucrats, his comments are part of the public record and have authority.  Not that Kenneth Davidson's comments do not carry weight.  They do with me.  However, they can be ridden over roughshod and dismissed merely as opinion, or worse - cantankerous opinion.  The top public financial voice cannot be so easily shelved.

However, it will be interesting to see what the Liberal/National Party Government of Victoria does with this information and the whole principle of PPPs.  PPPs make supporters of conservative or on the make/take governments a lot of money.  They ensure the Big End of Town has some motivation for keeping governments who comply in power and political parties welcome the donations the B.E.T. provide.  

So, I am waiting for the next installment.

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