Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I HATE DOCKLANDS #poorplanning in #Melbourne


I rarely if ever post on the subject of planning in relation to cities and development.  However, I am to-day because I am impressed by this quote from Professor Kim Dovey:

The image that is created of real estate developers camping in the office of a Minister of the Crown is mind boggling - and the Minister buckling at the knees because of the presence of those who are, we hope, unwelcome guests.  But then there is that other image - of developers being very welcome guests as they bring money to party hacks for the coffers of corrupt political parties.  

Can I say quite loudly "I HATE DOCKLANDS!".  I don't even refer to it as Docklands  To me it is Beijing South - because it reminds of me of the cheek by jowl high rise development of Beijing.  Victoria is known as The Garden State.  Melbourne likes to promote its boulevards and leafy streets.  Where are these in Docklands.  Sure there is a very small portion of greenery here and there but I wonder how these spaces will be in the years to come because I think they will be deprived of sunshine and the necessary components for plants to thrive.  

And, Networkers, in case you think I am just another carping critic, I am not alone.  My appraisal is based on what I consider an offence to the human spirit.  A more intelligent, articulate, and knowledgable response is here


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