Sunday, 19 June 2011

The #RuralLobby does not speak with one voice on #banlive export : Photos from Canberra and Melbourne


 I am indebted to Rosie Williams (@CollectiveAct) for the picture above.
It is from the #banliveexport rally held in Canberra.

It is good to remember that the #RuralLobby does not speak with one voice on this issue.
The couple below were at the Melbourne rally.
As you can see from their placards, 
they have a different point of view from those above -
but their hearts are concerned with the welfare of the animals.
I thank this pair below for their patience in listening to me yesterday.
Yes they were severely outnumbered about 500:1 -
but patient they were and I am sure I was not alone in conversing with them.

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