Thursday, 2 June 2011

Guest blogging at The Nature of Robertson because Denis is unwell


One of the wonderful things about blogging is the lasting friendships I have made.  Two friendships have been very close - and one of these friendships is with Denis of The Nature of Robertson. Denis lives in Robertson, NSW and blogs about his community. He is a a great naturalist and birds and plants - particularly little tiny orchids - are part and parcel of the blog.  Denis and I do watch out for one another a little.  So if one of us goes quiet and there is no known reason for it or we know that there could be a health issue (neither of us are getting any younger), we are in touch.

So it was yesterday.  No emails had dropped into my box.  Bit of a delay in posting to his blog. Hadn't heard of any trips or visits to be made.  So I rang.  Denis is not a well lad.  He is laid up in bed. Last night he rang after watching the ABC news on television.  An item had made him angry.  Could I please do a guest post for him on The Nature of Robertson? A few brief instructions followed.  I went off and composed the post.  Rang him back, received approval, and published.  Please visit the post here and you might like to leave an encouraging, get-well comment.

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