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Anti-Poverty Week 2009: don't just make it a day or a week but a whole month or maybe a year or a lifetime!

I originally did the post here below a week ago. To-day is The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  To mark the occasion and to participate in the event organised by Bloggers Unite, I am putting this post to the top of the blog as well as posting pictures at the top of the blog and the side bar.  Please read and act.

It looks to me like Anti-Poverty Week is a moveable feast this year (well, famine - depending on success). Check out here and here and here.  However, just to make the point that it's what you do not when you do it that counts, there are some events you can get to:

Anti-Poverty Sunday at
Sunday October 11 at 3pm
Bronwyn Darlington, Founder of Rise Up
who will speak about
working in the clothing industry
to assist people living in poverty.
singer/muso Joel Meadows of the Steinbecks.

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Yhen on October 27 at 6.30pm
you can get in your kayak
and row over to the
Melbourne Rowing Club
Boathouse Street
for The Great Debate

Tickets are limited
so please pre-book your seats
by calling Lara on 9417
7985 or email

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and you can do this:

Make your $2 work for a better world – find out more and take the pledge!
On October 17 (the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty),
choose Fairtrade and help make poverty history!


What you can do in Anti-Poverty Week 2009

nssWe can make a start by being a part of Anti-Poverty Week 2009. Last year in Anti-Poverty Week an escape artist stripped down to his undies to fight poverty at Flinders St Station in the center of Melbourne. Rather than get arrested, he became the focus of media attention for promoting  No Sweat Shop label and Fairtrade garments (he was wearing Rise Up undies made out of Fairtrade cotton). Such clothes enables  young kids in developing countries to leave the cotton picking industry and return to school (and the model’s ‘attire’ was manufactured in Australia under guaranteed legal minimum wage and conditions). This year there is no need to strip down to your undies like our escape artist, but you can run a barbecue, invite a speaker, hold a forum or play a stunt in aid of strengthening public understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship around the world and in Australia.
All you need to do is 
go to the 
and register your event!
You can also attend an event
 in your local community.

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