Sunday, 4 October 2009

STORM: Full marks as they defeat the Eels in the NRL Grand Final

This photo from The Age, the upmarket daily newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, sums up a lot of things in sport in Melbourne.  For instance, Australian Rules Football dominates everything.  Rugby League, in spite of  the Melbourne Storm appearing in every Grand Final for the last four years, has to be thankful if it gets a paragraph in the sports pages of the local dailies.  Australian Rules is a high flying game which has things called "marks".  It is significant that The Age is trying communicate with its AFL public in a language known only to themselves: Billy Slater looking like a high flying AFL player going for a "mark". Clearly, it would be too incomprehensible to Melbournians to describe this in Rugby League terminology.  It should be noted that, among Rugby League followers, Australian Rules Football is known as "aerial ping-pong".   Oh, well, as Shakespeare and C.J. Dennis said, "a rose by any name would smell as sweet".

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