Sunday, 26 April 2015

Development plans before the #BallaratCouncil could be disastrous for #BallaratEast and its residents who access their homes and St Paul's through St Paul's Way. Please make your comments by 1 May 2015 if you wish to alter or stop this development.

Have your say on St Paul’s Way

Have your say on St Paul’s Way

St Paul’s Way – have your say – up until May 1st 2015
Proposed Residential and Commercial Development 
‘Marvella Heights’ St Pauls Way, Bakery Hill:
Amendment C191 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme proposes to:
  • Rezone the land from Public Use Zone Schedule 5 (Education) to the Mixed Use Zone
  • Rezone the road reserve to the west from Commercial 1 Zone to Mixed Use Zone and remove the Heritage Overlay (HO176) from the road reserve
Planning Permit application PLP/2014/829 is for a:
  • Six lot subdivision
  • Staged development of four multi-storey residential apartments
  • 19 townhouses
  • Four office and retail units with 2 associated residential apartments
  • Waiver of carparking and creation of an easement

Miss Eagle's comments:
Could people please have a look at this and comment. I am not alone in thinking that this is over-development of the site. 
Access to historic St Paul’s will be severely affected. The Fire Station will have its views impeded, the Dean’s House at the back of St Paul’s will be overshadowed. Many houses that have their vehicle entry off St Paul’s Way will be affected and there is no visitors' parking on the site. My guess that St Paul’s Way will become untrafficable on a regular basis and houses and St Paul’s will be affected. 
I believe that perusal of the block by council officers was never undertaken at the time of maximum usage at St Paul’s – and it will be too bad when there is a huge funeral!!! 
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