Saturday, 4 April 2015

Unethical mining corporations? Take a look at FreeportMcMorRan and Barrick Gold.

Australian miners overseas are no angels.
Think polluted watercourses, damaged food lands.
Australian miner wants to mine close to a world heritage site.

However, North America seems to provide a particularly nasty brood of miners.  Think Freeport McMoRan in West Papua/Irian Jaya.  And think this doozie of Barrick Gold's irresponsibility on the other side of the border in Porgera, Papua New Guinea.  Clearly, Barrick has ways and means of achieving its published goals of disciplined, profitable production.

Huffington Post has done us a great service.  It has compiled a list of thirteen corporations who are the most unethical in the whole wide world. And you will find a surprise - well, no surprise actually - in who came in No.1 --- and it wasn't a mining corporation!

Clearly, the governments on our planet
are doing a poor job of keeping corporations honest and ethical.
Just send these major corporations abroad
and you will lose friends and fail to influence the locals -
but then my guess is that there are handouts
to governments and other international influencers, aren't there?

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