Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WHAM ARTIST CONVERGENCE : BUANGOR (between Beaufort & Ararat) : MAY 3 2015 FROM 10AM TO 3PM

Say your goodbyes to these beautiful old redgums who've been living in the Middle Creek area long before it had that name - 200-400 years previously, at least. Say goodbye to the young trees too. There aren't too many growing on adjacent farmland. NONE of these trees are protected. 
Not by the ‪#‎AndrewsGvt‬.
Not by anyone who has the power to protect them. 

Say goodbye.

Noticed any roads authorities vandalising ancient habitat trees
on the Western Highway lately? 
Come to Buangor on the 3 May - Sunday - 10am to 3pm 
and help record the treasures we are losing. 

Bring all your own materials, picnic, chair, etc. 
(NB - good toilets at Beaufort!) 
The enormous environmental damage being inflicted upon us all 
is to save a TOTAL OF 2 WHOLE MINUTES of travel time 
between Beaufort and Ararat! 
For more details contact as per poster or via WHAM on Facebook

Numbers to phone for more information:
0408 545 229
0400 713 175

Could you also bring Yellow Ribbons
to tie around the trees
As a symbol of our care for them
Please know, we are being positive about saving these trees
for future generations

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