Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The plight of West Papua is ignored by the Australian Government just as it ignored East Timor for decades.

The people of West Papua are among the poorest in the world. Many rural people have no cash income with few material possessions. Though it is the largest and most resource rich region of Indonesia, the people are by far the poorest. West Papua has the highest HIV/AIDS rate outside of Africa and hospitals and healthcare are few and far between. 

Just this year, over 95 Papuans starved to death in one district 
due to systematic neglect and starvation by the Indonesian state. 

Indonesian transmigrants are the ones with all the money, education and healthcare. In the towns they are regularly seen with 3 cars and running big businesses whereas Papuans are forced onto roadsides to sell local produce. 

Many Papuans have lost much of their family and friends due to Indonesian military attacks, disease and starvation.

Yet despite these horrors, Papuan children such as these still manage to have a smile on their faces. They have hope for a better future in freedom. 

The Free West Papua Campaign is a non-profit organisation, we provide healthcare and support to suffering West Papuan families. We help Papuans fleeing violence by providing them with funding and clothing. We help refugees cross the border into Papua New Guinea and ensure they can live safely and have their citizenship recognised.

To find out how you too can help the suffering people of West Papua, please visit our website and this link:http://freewestpapua.org/actions/donate/

All money raised through your donations will go directly to helping to support those suffering in West Papua and helping to campaign for freedom. 
Office and staff costs are fundraised for separately, by individual grants.

Please help to ensure this new generation of Papuans grows up in freedom, safety and happiness.

Thank you very much


The above material is from the Free West Papua Campaign.  

If you are interested in standing up for West Papua 
and letting the Gillard Government know of your support, 

If you want to know what is happening in Melbourne 
to work towards a free West Papua, please go here.

Miss Eagle's Note:

From Sydney to Melbourne, the drive is 881 km.  
Genocide and ethnic cleansing is this close to us - 
and it appears that the Australian Government 
completely ignores what is happening.  

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