Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ABC Open in Ballarat is looking for bands - must be over 30 and not has-beens or wannabees - only never-weres can apply!

From ABC Open Ballarat 

Hi folks

Hope this email finds you well and warm this winter.

Do you know any bands in your area who may want to take part in a nationwide ABC band competition?

ABC Ballarat is looking for the best amateur bands from the Ballarat region (Ararat, Daylesford, Clunes, Ballan, Creswick, Meredith, Haddon, Smythesdale, Scarsdale). 
The catch is: band members must be over 30. 

"EXHUMED is a nationwide competition for unsigned, unrecorded, unheard, and until now, unwanted bands. EXHUMED celebrates the amateur. It's not for some old one hit wonder trying to revive a career or for young things on the way up. It's for those who've chosen other paths in life but still love to play. It’s not for has-beens, it’s not for wannabes, it’s for the never-weres."

Entries are nowopen. 

Entries close on July 15th.

I'm holding an info session this Saturday at ABC Ballarat studio to help bands with their application: 

Where: ABC Ballarat. 5 Dawson street South, Ballarat

When: Saturday June 29th 11-12.30pm

Warm regards, 

Marc Eiden
ABC Open Producer
Ballarat, VIC
03 5320 1062
03 5320 1099

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