Saturday, 8 June 2013

Are you supporting slavery with your iphone and other tech equipment?

Dear Networkers,

Right now, while you’re reading this  on your phone or computer, 
you may have a product of slavery in your hand.

The reality is that almost every electronic device we use in our everyday lives 
could include conflict minerals mined by slaves in the Congo.

This week, we brought together some of the world’s leading experts to discuss slavery in electronics - and right now, you can download the free podcast of that discussion to learn a few simple steps you can take to prevent slavery from entering your pocket.

Many of the world’s major electronics companies fuel the demand for conflict minerals. While companies like Intel, HP, Apple and Microsoft are taking concrete steps to end the demand for slave-mined minerals in the Congo, there is one company that has not – Nintendo.

As Sasha Lezhnev of the Enough Project explains in the podcast, "There are many things that consumers can do to influence these companies, and whether these companies move the needle on this issue is really up to us."
That’s why we need your help to put pressure on Nintendo to ‘level up’.

The greater the pressure from consumers, the more likely we are to make a real difference. So once you’ve taken action, please forward this message to a friend and ask them to join us in calling on Nintendo to take concrete steps to ensure slavery is not in their products.

Yours in solidarity,
Amy, Kate, Debra, Mich, Jess, Nick and the Walk Free team

Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, 
fighting to end one of the world's greatest evils: Modern slavery. 

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