Thursday, 6 June 2013

ABC Open : Neighbourhood Houses : Worm Farming

Have you come across ABC Open in your region yet?

In the Ballarat region, we have the marvellous Marc Eiden teaching about all sorts of things. Marc helps and encourages ordinary mortals to get their stuff on to the web and even television: blogging, sound recording, video.  I did one of his blogging courses and even though I have been blogging for eight years this month, I still found the session informative and helpful.

Individuals can turn up at the courses run by the ABC Open producers. In addition,  I really think this regional ABC project is something that Neighbourhood Houses should think about.  Here is an opportunity to record in word or sound or vision some of the wonderful stuff being done by some very dedicated people in urban and regional Australia.  

Below is an informative video about worm farming in the Ballarat area.  This was done as part of ABC Open.  It concerns a huge worm farm operation - particularly when it's compared with my l'il ole Can o' Worms multi-tiered job.  I love my little wormies and get a bit concerned for them in winter as they snuggle up together.

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