Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Walmart, Woolworths, Pokies, Grog and the Salvation Army - does Roger Corbett have a case to answer

Why is it that one never sees nor hears of an Australian journalist interviewing Roger Corbett about his involvement as a Director on the board of Walmart?  Walmart's poor employee and workplace practices are legion and legendary.  Yet here in Australia we cannot seem to ask questions about this.

Just like how we don't know how the Salvation Army involves itself with Corbett in its Red Shield Appeal while he sits on the Board of ALH Group (the Woolworths grog and pokies conglomerate).  ALH Group is the largest poker machine operator in Australia and on its way to being the world leader in poker machine operations.  So how does the Salvation Army find a synergy of goals with someone like Roger Corbett?  

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