Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Invasion Day, Melbourne - 26 January 2013

Invasion Day rally & march
Saturday, January 26, 9am. 

Assemble 186 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. 

'It's like expecting the Jewish people to celebrate and embrace what the Nazis did in Germany against the Jewish people.' Aunty Isabel Coe. 

January 26, commonly known as 'Australia day' is sold as a day to celebrate the 'lucky country' the date chosen to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet, the 'discovery' of the Great Southern Land. This date is more appropriately known to most First Nations people as Survival or Invasion day.

It is also a day of mourning, we mourn the loss of land, culture, languages, we mourn the loss of freedom and abundance, and we mourn for the people who have, and continue to suffer under this disconnected, insatiable, violent and destructive imposed capitalist system. 

Australia remains without a treaty, consent or compensation, the Stolen Generation, stolen wages, dispossession, racism, assimilation, land theft continue. 

This is a call to all people of this land to step forward and right the wrongs together and build some momentum against the out-of-control machine that threatens our very existence as the oldest living culture in the world.

From Green Left Weekly

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