Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bush 'n' Boots

Over at The Nature of Robertson, Denis Wilson - a good friend of this blog - 

Denis Wilson of The Nature of Robertson

Now there are a few things you should know:
  1. Denis lives in a lovely village called Robertson in the Southern Highlands.
  2. Denis is a keen environmentalist/naturalist.  He is this blog's expert in residence and general go-to person in relation to birds and plants and a range of other matters.
  3. The Southern Highlands - certainly for more than a century - has been the place where Sydney folks with a bob or two like to establish country estates which they visit at week-ends.
Denis's venting post is interesting on a couple of levels.
  • He makes plain what the true country person wears in the way of footwear and why.
  • He makes plain the necessity of wearing a particular type of footwear.
  • His vent takes on a sociological bent as he contrasts his footwear with the footwear of other men and women present at the hostelry to which he had resorted.
  • He contrasts the footwear of the leisured weekenders still dressed in Sydney kit with his own - the footwear of those who tread the land to better understand their environment and the other species with which they live. 
I hope the result of Denis's vent is that the leisured weekenders will have a think about the where and the why of their footwear. 
  •  Do they choose to look like locals or like leisured weekenders? 
  •  Do they choose to look like people seeking to understand their environment or just transplants demonstrating their class and their origins?

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