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A media-polling-betting fast on Ash Wednesday? It could ease the tension in all our lives

''We all know why it was on at that time,'' wrote the London Telegraph's rugby correspondent, Mick Cleary. ''TV, the ogre of the age, the monster that must be obeyed at every turn. As long as there are bums on TV seats, anything is possible or permissible.''

From  Here's to Mug Punters by Greg Baum

How could one disagree with Mick Cleary. He is spot on.  Miss Eagle is a dedicated Rugby League gal and Storm supporter.  Ask Storm supporters what they think of News Limited involvement in their club.  Ask Rugby League supporters how they rank involvement of News Limited in League.  I reckon they'd just say "Rank".  Fortunately, the establishment of the new Australian Rugby League Commission (don't they have a website coz I can't find it?!) appears to have seen off News Limited but the Murdoch corporation is still embedded at Storm. Media and everything connected to it now controls sport whether it be cricket or football.   And, as Greg Baum says - the monster must be obeyed at every turn.

It's not only sport, though, is it Networkers?  Seems to me that the The Media have now taken over politics but does it include as well the political influence that the corporations buy, bribe, co-opt?  It seems to me that The Media are now the true political dictators on the Australia scene.  Hence...

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Does Shaun Carney want to give us date and time for the play-off?
Certainly the betting agencies are making up their own minds...

And aiding abetting The Media and The Bettors are The Pollsters.
We turn the process into a headcount of limited numbers.
It seems poll after poll is being done and The Media publishes the results.
Then there are the polls we don't hear of.
These are the ones done for the corporate players to advise 
who will be whom in the forthcoming playoffs which
in turn influences their conversations and donations.

And where is The Australian Voter in all this?
Buried in a mire of manipulation.

Lent is almost upon us.
This is the period of 40 days & 40 nights leading up 
to the greatest feast day in the Christian calendar - Easter.
It is a time of fasting not feasting -
of reflection and going without.

How wonderful it might be if we could shut up
The Media
The Bettors
The Pollsters
for forty days and forty nights
so that we might reflect on what is good for this nation.

Forty days and forty nights is almost certainly asking too much.
However, would it be too much too ask that
on Ash Wednesday, next Wednesday 22 February 2012
The Media
The Bettors
The Pollsters 
keep their traps shut
and that
The Voters
Their Elected Representatives and Senators
actually reflect on what will be most important
for the welfare of Australia and its people.

A political fast!
Feel the tension ease....
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