Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 2: The search for the smoking gun : the media won't let up

The media feel cheated.  They have felt cheated since 24 June 2010 when Kevin Rudd lost the leadership of the Australian Labor Party to Julia Gillard.  You see, Networkers, Senator John Faulkner - the honest broker in all those proceedings and privy to more ALP secrets than a Labor-supporting Catholic priest - made it clear he wasn't going to talk.  Confessional silence! Julia Gillard made it clear that her lips were sealed on the events of that night and that she had given guarantees accordingly.  As far as we know, Kevin Rudd kept mum - at least on the public record.  And the sealing of lips headed the media off before it got to the pass.  What a great and glorious shame!

Since the airing of The Comeback Kid on Monday night and the be-still-my-beating-heart revelation that a staff member in Julia Gillard's office had been writing an acceptance of the leadership speech during the fortnight prior to the events of the evening of 24 June, the media have been off and running.  They want to be able to piece together a minute by minute expose of what happened that night - and, for almost two years, they have been thwarted. Hell hath no flurry like a thwarted journo!

To-day we have another minute revelation of questionable proportions.  I'm not certain that even the happy little Vegemite remnants of the Kevin 07 campaign will be all that interested in this.

Meanwhile, we are about to be told about the success or otherwise of the government Aboriginal policies via the 2012 edition of the Closing the Gap Report.  What energy and knowledge will the media bring to the scrutiny of this report? And how thoroughly combed over and headlined will that "news" be by the breathless media still searching for the smoking gun.

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