Thursday, 16 February 2012

Denis - @peonyden - and blogging bragging rights

My dear friend Denis is quietly - and, if possible, modestly - bragging. 
Deservedly so.
Denis runs a heart-warming and informative blog -
The Nature of Robertson.
The Nature of Robertson has hit a significant blogging milestone -
it has just gone past the 250,000th visitor.
Congratulations, Denis.
Well deserved.

Denis also has co-ownership permissions for this blog -
but chooses not to use them.
His involvement is by occasional comment and providing material I might use.

Denis has suffered many trials and vicissitudes over the years -
and I have been his friend for most of his blogging years.

He has done valiant battle against lymphoma -
and triumphed even when badly set upon by the disease.

He has had to manage extensive home renovations -
and continue blogging.

He has recently seen through to success a hip replacement.

Denis is dedicated to nature - in so many ways.

He is a walking, talking, writing, lecturing, guiding expert
on birds, plants (particularly those blooming ground orchids!),
with occasional forays into insects and fungi.
No National Park in the Southern Highlands 
is left unexplored, unremarked.

Denis is an activist - water, coal seam gas, and rivers in particular.

He is a former Commonwealth public servant out of Canberra -
and he brings these skills to significant submission writing and representation.

Denis has many friends - in Robertson and further afield.
Many of them have come to him through the shared interests 
displayed on The Nature of Robertson.

I am pleased to be a friend - among many - of Denis's.
Thank you Denis.
Even though I have driven you absolutely nuts at times,
you have been there as co-activist, co-conspirator,
support, confidante, and sharer of the good and bad times.

More power to your blog!

This Peony - Bowl of Beauty - from Denis's blog.
Denis chose Robertson to live to grow his beloved peonies.

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