Friday, 17 February 2012

Canberra can't be trusted nor can it be believed on Aboriginal Affairs

It is quite clear that, in matters Aboriginal, Canberra - its politicians, its bureaucracy - cannot be relied on nor can it be believed. In a week when we have heard of the mixed blessings of the Close the Gap Report, now there is this. The Australian taxpayer needs a full accounting and full reporting on what the Alliance model of housing provision has cost the taxpayer in actual dollars and Aboriginal communities in terms of not only dollars but in

  •  health, 
  • disillusionment, 
  • continuing overcrowding, and 
  • loss of jobs and work-based skills
And, I would ask, where is the Northern Territory Government in all this?  Will Aboriginal communities who have a history of voting Labor continue to do so at the 2012 NT elections? Is NT Labor taking Aboriginal support for granted?  Can we now say that the Federal and Northern Territory Governments have broken their social contract with the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory?
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