Thursday, 26 January 2012

The so-called international elite is meeting in Davos. Get the low-down from TNI (Transnational Institute)

From Transparency International. Miss Eagle has great respect for their work. The Transnational Institute carries out cutting-edge analysis on critical global issues, builds alliances with grassroots social movements, develops proposals for a more sustainable and just world.

Dear friends,

Today, in a small ski resort in the Swiss Alps, thousands of corporate and political elites will gather at the exclusive World Economic Forum meets during an unprecedented crisis of legitimacy. Its founding President, Klaus Schwab has admitted that capitalism "is out of whack" and needs fixing. Schwab argues that the economic crises we face are due to excesses and "lack of inclusiveness."

To mark the occasion, the Transnational Institute has produced a series of powerful infographics to expose the reality of corporate power and its immense social and environmental costs. They show that the problems are systemic and a result of the hijack of political and economic policy by a small corporate elite. The Davos Class cannot possibly find a solution, because their entrenched power is the reason for the crises.

The Occupy and Indignado movements have exposed the division between 1% and the 99% and have alerted public opinion to the inequality and injustices embedded in neoliberal fundamentalist policies. These infographics give a global face to these issues and over the next few weeks we will also show the linkages between inequality and trade, land and water policies too.

Please share the infographics widely! Thanks for your support.

Brid Brennan, Coordinator
Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives Programme,
Transnational Institute

name=Planet Earth: A Corporate World
Which are the biggest companies in the world? Which corporations control them? How does their power compare with states? 

name=The global 0.001%
Globally we are not talking about 1% but an even smaller elite of 0.001% who control two thirds of world GDP. What could that money buy?

 name=The world's richest men
Who are they and how did they get so rich? How much tax do they pay?

 name=Neoliberal architects
A global economy that has benefited a small elite is no accident: it was carefully designed by politicians who often worked for transnational corporations and at times were rewarded by them after leaving office

name=Introduction to the Davos Class
Susan George
The Davos class run our major institutions and know exactly what they want, but they face a huge crisis of legitimacy because their ideology isn't working and they have virtually no ideas nor imagination to resolve this.

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