Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Keep vigil with an Iranium asylum seeker on hunger strike

Solidarity candelight vigil
Support Broadmeadows refugee hunger strikers

Wednesday, January 18, 7-10pm. Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomodation, 120-150 Camp Road, Broadmeadows (behind Maygar army Barracks). A candlelight vigil to support an Iranian asylum seeker who is in the 8th day of a hunger strike at the MITA detention centre, Broadmeadows. He has been detained for 16 months and has just received his second rejection.

The another Iranian refugee was granted refugee status five months ago but is still in detention, waiting for a security clearance. He was on hunger strike for three days before ending his hunger strike last night. On January 14, a visitor to the detention centre witnessed one of these men lying outside on the ground; he had been there for two days. He said, "They treat me like animal so I am an animal."

To get to the detention centre by public transport, take the train to Broadmeadows train station and get on the #902 bus which goes along Camp Road and stops near the detention centre.

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