Saturday, 17 August 2013

Australian Federal Election 2013 - 1 : Are the bad old days of the police state of Queensland being relived and rechannelled through Christian micro-parties?

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I had noted myself, in just three seats - Ballarat, Bendigo and Murray - the large number of candidates and, in particular, the rush to electoral greatness/madness of so-called "Christian" parties.

Democracy is a wonderful thing. Elections should be open to all comers. However one does have to question what is occurring. In the Ballarat seat, where there are ten candidates, three are from "Christian" parties. There are no independents.

Why is this? The $1,000 deposit to nominate? People think the Parliamentary Secretary, Cathering King, is a shoe-in?

I just wonder if there is any helping hand for the "Christian" parties from the LibNats so that their preferences can be carefully guided?  In fact, this conservative support which undoubtedly will benefit the LibNats preferrentially, reminds me of the bad old days in the police state of Queensland under Joh Bjelke-Petersen.  In some seats, the Queensland National Party used to run two candidates so it could prevent any inadvertent preference leakage.  Not only was the state gerry-mandered, the whole voting process was manipulated.

As for "a dose of the Santamarias", I think it is more likely a dose of the Tea Party and the GOP.  It's a darn pity these people don't focus more carefully on the good news of Jesus rather than their own self-image, self-promotion, and self-righteousness.

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