Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Talking about food: where it comes from, where the left-overs end up. Waste not - Want not!

Dear Networkers,

Sometimes it would be great to have a jet aircraft or time machine at one's beck and call.  And if I had some marvellous free transport near at hand, I would be off to New York City for this event.  Food, food waste, composting etc are topics of great interest to me.  

It appears that a star-studded cast has been assembled for this foodtank event.

I live in Ballarat - and I would love to have such an event with speakers of this calibre speaking here.  Locally, if such an event were to take place in Ballarat, we might have some speakers to touch on the topics of the waste associated with the destruction of  fruit trees because the processor won't give producers contracts; the waste if low supermarket prices drive dairy farmers from their farms or into other forms of food production.

There are three things that keeps us alive - clean air, clean water, fresh food.  While we are working to alert the world to Climate Change and renewable energy, we ignore at our peril this trinity of basics.  Included in this short list are the background issues - good, sound, productive soil; regulation of any interference or possible interference with the cleanliness and freshness of our air, water and food; the maintenance of fair livelihoods.

So can we have a big think and discussion about this?

Blessings from Miss Eagle ~~~

A very special evening discussion bringing together the New York City food movement for food waste awareness week. Hosted by Food Tank: The Food Think Tank

Sept 19th 5:30PM to 7:30PM EST
The Snapple Theater, 1627 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019

Musical Guest:

and many more to be announced soon!

Drinks and light snacks included!

$25 donation. Limited tickets available, purchase now
If you have any questions, please call 202-590-1037 or email danielle@foodtank.org.

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