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Refugees in - Deportees out, risking death both ways. Something that the Australian Government DOESN'T tell its people

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It is not particularly nice to point out that here in Australia we have situation similar to the one that gave rise to a previous post which identified the 28 Mexicans killed whilst beingdeported from America in 1948. For sixty five years around the world they have simply been known as "deportees".
Here in Australia we have similar deaths, some due to Australian behaviour. Our situation differs in two ways - nameless refugees are drowned trying to get here and unrecognised applicants are deported by Australian for frequent torture and death in their originating lands.
It seems to matter not to Australian citizens that they are unnamed and unrecognised as individuals.
Sixty five years ago Woodie Guthrie recognised not only the wrong in the capitalist system practised by his nation but also the wrong done to each of those individuals killed.
I will conclude this post with a performance of the song by Guthrie's son Arlo. My previous post was a share from another American singer, Judy Collins. That post identifies at last the individual Mexicans killed whilst being deported from America.
What I would like to know is whether here in Australia anyone has written a song having the resonance of Woodie's "Deportees"?
In the past Phyl Lobl and I think Fay White have written songs about the fate of the SIEVX, itself an acronym.
Today more and more refugees are dying at sea and in offshore concentration camps.
Do any of you folk song writers out there have the skill, the ability and most importantly the empathy with the plight of these people to write a song that can resonate around the world as Guthrie's poem and Hoffman's tune have done?
Please widely share and for those not familiar with "deportees" please enjoy the following version which although only 65 years old is established as a folk song of "today's heritage"or part of the "people's long memory".
Arlo Guthrie, "Deportee"
This video is meant to demonstrate by music + images that the immigration problem isn't new, but has a long history. This video takes no political position.

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