Saturday, 20 July 2013

@KRuddMP Have no comment on By Boat, No Visa policy. Beyond words. Filled with disgust. Links below to help those supporting refugees to campaign

Australian Government website:
This leads off the links because this is the most important and the place to start.
The URL says it all - hypocrisy, bureaucracy, and inhumanity.

Nationwide rallies to-day: Don't Turn Away Refugees

The Age - 130720 - Rudd slams door on refugees
DAVID CROWE, NATIONAL AFFAIRS EDITOR – Kevin Rudd has pledged to give asylum-seekers "no chance" of settling in Australia if they arrive by boat.

Michael Taylor - A post of writing dangerously about refugees - Ã†rchies Archive - Digital Detritus  [Taylor is a Green]

NoelyNeate -  PNG: That's what's going on nothing's fine I'm torn - Ya Think? [Neate is not a member of a political party although confesses to a long ago membership of the Australian Democrats.]

Turn Left in The Australian Independent Media Network - ALP: And a step to the right? in two quotes [Turn Left is very much to the left but what sort of left is not clear from their blog.  The AIMN is ALP leaning]

Rudd to send all boat arrivals to PNG - mp3 and link to transcript of report
Asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat to be resettled in Papua New Guinea (contains video of Rudd signing agreement and an mp3 from the program PM + extensive material)
Rudd to send all boat arrivals to PNG - Transcript from PM. You can listen to PM at this site as well.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's fresh asylum seeker deal to 'shock' Papua New Guineans by Sean Dorney (Dorney is one of the most knowledgable Australians regarding PNG) 

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