Monday, 27 May 2013

Join The Sharehood and celebrate Global Sharing Day

Yes, the Sharehood is back!

Thanks to everyone who wished us well after we were hacked by spammers, and thanks to those wonderful geeks who turned up to help get us back online, and those who donated through We love you all!

The site is very different now. Much simpler was the aim.

No more accounts, no more logging in. To search for shareables, or to post a new shareable or community post, just visit the front page. Make sure you set your suburb and postcode first, then away you go. That electric drill you need is just around the corner.

And more importantly, don't forget to add more shareables and community notices for those who live near you.

Please let us know what you think, or if you have problems or ideas for how it could be made even simpler or better.


To mark Global Sharing Day in Melbourne, join the Sharehood and Transition Darebin atShare*Make*Mend - an afternoon of free making and mending workshops and activities, a food swap, clothes and book swap and kids' entertainment.  Share*Make*Mend is on Saturday 1 June, from 1.30 - 4pm at Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St, Northcote.

Bring along your excess herbs, fruit, vegetables and preserves, pre-loved books and clothes for swapping, or attend a workshop or activity, or learn how to mend or repair broken jewellery, bags, bicycles, ceramics, clothing, shoes, small electrical appliances, toys and umbrellas!

Please note that while Global Sharing Day is on the 2nd of June, Share*Make*Mend is on Saturday the 1st of June

Share*Make*Mend is on Saturday June 1st from 1.30-4pm at Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St, Northcote, Melbourne. We are looking forward to a fabulous afternoon of skill-sharing, swapping, sharing, making and mending!

The Neighbour Project: And the winner is...

Cara, a West Melbourne resident and Sharehood member!

Earlier this year the Sharehood put out a call to members in Melbourne to participate in a new way to explore being in the hood. Since then we've been putting our experienced community facilitators to work and getting our feet wet (metaphorically) in the suburb of West Melbourne.  Cara, a West Melbourne resident and Sharehood member, put in a convincing argument about why we should work with her community.

So far we've…
  • connected with the locals including getting along to the local community centre launch of their annual festival ‘Spring Fling’,
  • letterboxed over 500 West Melbourne households to invite them to afternoon tea and let them know where doing a project in the area, and
  • had an afternoon tea at Cara’s house with over 20 people from the community.
…and we’ve learnt...
  • that if West Melbourne was a person he/she would… be fast paced, on the brink, have unrealised potential with no specific ethnicity but street smart, although not aggressive, and conservative in dress, but open to changes in style...
  • and that people like West Melbourne’ s proximity to the city and its old-style streetscape and friendliness...
  • and that they would improve the area by bringing people out of their homes, creating more green and social spaces with more public art.
This project is in its early days, so if you live or work in West Melbourne and want to get involved in exploring the potential of your community then call or email Jane Ward on 0419 352 036 or

Thanks for being part of the Sharehood!
The Sharehood collective,
Michael, Brett, Theo, Asha, Liz F, Jo, Sam, Jane, Thibault, Tosh and Liz S.
P.S. To get in touch about any of this please email

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