Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Mad Dash: does the electorate deserve more than this?

I am fed up - as I believe millions of Australians are - with what is going on in the Federal Parliament.  Is that Christopher Pyne poking his tongue out at The Deputy Speaker, Anna Burke?  It seems women are fair game in The Opposition sights.  Anyway, as I said, I am fed up.  The electorate clearly feels powerless to do or stop anything until it gets a chance to vote.  However, I think we, the voters of Australia, who want a constructive Parliament need to make our voices heard.  I don't know how we do this - perhaps it takes just a concerted letter writing campaign.  Any suggestions you might have about further action, please comment below.  However, I have taken the first step by writing the letter below to everyone on my email list ... which, Networkers might imagine, is extensive.  I publish the letter below and you might like to copy it and send it to your mail list.  You might like to personalise the text with your own suggestions, views etc.  With a bit of good fortune, the email itself could go viral if everyone did this - like a chain letter only with a positive message - and, hopefully, a positive outcome.

Just sending you this link because I want everyone to read it.  Anna Burke
and Michelle Grattan have done well in calling our Federal Parliamentarians
to account.  If you are a member of a political party - I am not - I hope
the current debased level of political discourse is discussed within your
party ranks.  I would particularly like to see the women in Parliament and
in political parties speak out against the current debased and sexist,
misogynist treatment of our Prime Minister.  I certainly don't agree with
many policies of the current government , as many of you know.  But the
leader of the government of our nation needs to be treated respectfully.
 If people find the Prime Minister so distasteful that they cannot treat
her respectfully, there is one option that can always be exercised. Keep

There are some who call for an early election, who rail against a hung
Parliament.  All the voters of Australia made this Parliament.  The hung
Parliament is a result of our votes and, from what I can see and hear, I
think it truly reflects the political views of the nation - that we are not
keen on any one party in particular.  If we want things to be otherwise -
if we want politicians, parties, governments that we can respect, campaign
for, and see elected - then it is up to each one of to do something
positive about it - not stand on the sidelines catcalling.

Australia could be a great country.  At the moment we are filled by
squabbling, negativity, and meanness at a high and widespread level.  Is
this who we are?  Who we really are?

I hope this email is received in the spirit with which it is written.  I
hope you think enough of what I have written to pass it on to everyone you

Poor fellow my country!

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