Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Contingency plans in South Australia when water is too salty to drink

Well, isn't Australia in a nice mess.  It can't manage its water and it won't admit it.  It twists and turns and messes things up some more.  Now, Adelaide is making contingency plans for towns who won't be able to drink the water because it is too salty to drink.  Read about it here with disgust and amazement.

And irony upon irony, the more bottle water is supplied the more the powers-that-be aggravate the water supply situation and play into the hands of the corporates who continue to wreck our water, profiteer from our water, and either provide false information about water or lock out the traditional wisdom of managing water.

Aren't we so clever!

Thanks to Networker Maria Reidl for the tip-off.

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