Friday, 25 September 2009

Friends of the Earth and Ethical Jobs

Miss Eagle is a member of Friends of the Earth and active in their sustainable water campaign.  FoE is asking its supporters to vote for it over at

Please 'vote' for FoE on the Ethical Jobs website

We are one of the featured NGOs in the current round of funding disbursements, in the running to get a share of the $2,000 on offer, but we need people to 'vote' for us.

You do need to register to vote, it will take about 2 minutes - thanks!

The poll can be found at:   half way down on the left supports charities that are making the world a better place. For Sept/Oct we’ve decided to donate $2,000 split between four Australian charities, based on the portion of our users who vote for each one. Which charity gets your vote?

Its a choice between:
Centre for Policy Development
Friends of the Earth Australia
The Big Issue
WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service

About Ethical Jobs:
Are you looking for a job that you can be really passionate about? is a new jobs site for people looking for an ethical job or career, and for employers who see their organisations as contributing to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world.

Increasingly people want to see the work they do as part of who they are, not just something to make a living from.  Increasingly, people want the work they do to contribute to a more just or more sustainable world.  Unfortunately, though many people would love a job where they feel they're contributing to a better world, they're often unable to find one. has been launched to fill this gap - to bring together people and organisations with a passion for sustainability and justice, and to provide resources to help people find a great job or career.


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