Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Three Sisters, Samson and Delilah

Jessiee and Shelini too ourselves off for a Sisters Day Out yesterday and what a day.  We public transported from our respective domiciles in Noble Park and Mitcham to the corner of Elgin and Lygon Streets in Carlton.  A short walk past delicious fooderies to inhale the literary air of Readings.  Across to the Nova, to buy our Cheap Monday tickets before the rush.  And then off to decide where and what to eat - remembering that each of us has very limited budgets and one of us is of the vegan/vegetarian variety.  

So where did we finish up?  We ate at Munir Asaad's place - Lazzat on Lygon - which offers Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian Cuisine.  We loved it.  Simple, nutritious and tasty food at reasonable prices.  Won't go into details but I am able to eat only very small portions so piled high plates are not for me.  So I asked for a small helping - but my small was even smaller than their small and they obliged.  When my plate was to my satisfaction, the server stood there looking at it deciding what to charge me.  I nearly fell over when he said $2.  Needless to say, that did suit my budget.  And I enjoyed my meal greatly.  I picked up a little leaflet from the counter titled Misconceptions about Islam.  So I felt if I was the recipient of true Islamic generosity and hospitality.  

Then off to the Nova to see Samson and Delilah.  The theatre was packed.  Monday afternoon at 3pm and it was packed.  The movie is everything you have heard and then some.  Authentic and impacting are words that come to my mind.  Otherwise, read Margaret and David's views - the first time they have each given a movie five stars!  Do see.  It will be on general release from June 4.  We couldn't leave Carlton without gelati, then back into the city.

Jessiee decided we couldn't leave without dropping in to say hello to Carolyn Briggs.  So we popped across to Federation Square to see Carolyn at her beautiful restaurant, Tjanabi.  We didn't dine - just gossiped and caught up on news of family and community doings and swapped some ideas for the future.  

And then home.  Three Sisters well satisfied.


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