Wednesday, 3 June 2009

MABO DAY - Let's make it a public holiday

Eddie Koiki Mabo - his image superimposed on the Torres Strait Islands flag

Eddie Mabo was a determined man.  His successful battle for the recognition of his legal relationship to his land is a milestone of Australian history and is a significant marker, if not the most significant marker, in righting past racial injustices in Australia.  Read here.

Miss Eagle's Dearly Beloved, Joe, is buried in the Townsville Cemetery.  Close by was buried Eddie Mabo.  Please note, I said was.  He is buried there no longer.  Why?  Because his grave was serially vandalised.  

A true Australian hero could not be left to be memorialised and rest in peace.  Racism raised its ugly head in death as it so often had in life.  An Australian shame.  So Bonita, his wife, arranged for his remains to be returned to his own country.  

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