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The horses keep on dying - so humans can make money

Animals Australia Insiders Update
Jumps racing kills again - new measures fail


Jumps horse Whatsourgo has become the first victim of jumps racing since Racing Victoria (RVL) lifted a suspension on jumps racing last month.

The death of Whatsourgo after breaking a leg at the last hurdle in a race at Moonee Valley today reveals that new measures imposed by RVL have failed to reduce the risks faced by jumps horse. Whatsourgo now becomes is the 6th horse to die in jumps racing in Victoria this year.

Peak animal welfare organisation Animals Australia today expressed its outrage at the latest horse death which occurred despite a strand start and reduced hurdles in the race.

Glenys Oogjes, Executive Director of Animals Australia said;

"The death of Whatsourgo is proof that the measures introduced just one month ago by Racing Victoria to make 'jumps racing less hazardous' have totally failed. Jumps racing is still a recipe for disaster - the hazards are inherent when you force horses to gallop and negotiate obstacles.

"Racing Victoria is placing the reputation of their entire industry at risk by continuing to support jumps racing. The community will not abide animals dying as part of a sport. They either take a stand and ban jumps racing to protect the image of racing, or face an ongoing PR disaster."


* RVL suspended jumps racing on 7 May 2009, and on 18 May announced it could restart but with new 'conditions' which include strand starts (not barriers), removal of the (previous) last hurdle, further jockey education to pull up tired horses and stricter qualifying conditions for horses before racing.

* 'Pride of Westbury' broke his neck, 'Hassle' broke a leg and 'Clearview Bay' broke his neck when he fell during the Warrnambool racing carnival in early May - all died. In April 'Hanging Rock' fell, broke his leg and was killed on the Yarra Valley track, and 'Shrogginet' died at the Cranbourne Training Centre.

* 12 horses died at official jumps races in Victoria during the 2008 season, and another died at a trial.

* Horses die in jumps racing at a rate 10 - 20 times the fatality rate to starters in flat racing.

* Jumps racing now only occurs in Victoria and South Australia

And Networker Roy has forwarded the following email:

I sadly write to you to inform you that yet another horse has been killed in the 2009 jumps racing season.
Whatsourgo was the 8th victim of jumps racing, who died over the last hurdle and broke its shoulder. CPR investigators captured the whole incident on camera which aired on news channels tonight.
Now it is the time for action.
We knew that it was only a matter of time before the next death. Racing Victoria and Minister Rob Hulls will be running for cover so we will be demonstrating this Monday.
Details are as follows:
Where: 1 Treasury Place, East Melbourne (See map)
When: Monday the 22nd of June at 12pm for one hour
RSVP: To (subject line: Attending Demonstration)
Other: Please dress smart casual as the media will be attending (overdress rather than underdress). Posters and banners will be provided.

From the incident that occurred today, it is important more than ever that we have investigators at the races to capture footage and photos when the horses fall and die. The racing industry has been able to hide this for too long but we will make sure the public sees these images. If you are interested please contact us at, subject line: Investigator.
Elio and Ward
Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

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