Friday, 8 January 2016

Neel, Sugaa and kids are in imminent danger of deportation. Please join the Ballarat people supporting them. Details below.

The family above are known to many Ballaratians. They have charmed us. They have lived peacefully among us raising their children - in spite of the difficulties placed in their way by the Australian Government. 

There was a time when Neel worked. But the Australian Government denied him work rights. Since then, the Ballarat community has provided support for the family - and was pleased to do so. The politicians and bureaucrats involved in the forthcoming deportation don't know this family. We on the ground in Ballarat do. We want Neel and Sugaa and the kids here among us. Please come and support the family --- and let the powers-that-be know that they are doing something wrong if they deport them.

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