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Dale Hess's Calendar - 16-01-25

Robbie Thorpe Documentary
Help support this long overdue portrait of an important Aboriginal political activist Robbie Thorpe. Aboriginal resistance to the invasion of Australia never ceased. It continues today. Aboriginal political activist Robbie Thorpe stands as part of a long line of Indigenous resistance to invasion. His story is an important one. This short documentary will trace Robbie’s life and politics and explore what is at stake for a First Nations person upon land that was stolen and whose sovereignty never been ceded. Robbie Thorpe has organised challenges to ongoing genocide, colonization and assimilation for over 30 years, working toward indigenous economic and political independence. He has launched High Court legal actions, run a series of high-profile and controversial political and cultural interventions and remains a fierce and unrelenting advocate for his people.

Tuesday 2nd February, 5.30 pm -7.30 pm: Human Existence, Religions and the Digital World. Professor Peter Horsfield, Professor of Communication, RMIT University. Peter Horsfield's research over several decades has focused on the interaction of media and religion. Among other involvements, he was a member of the International Study Commission on Media Religion and Culture. His early study Religious Television: The American Experience was influential in changing perceptions of the extent and influence of the televangelists. His recent book From Jesus to the Internet examines Christianity as a mediated phenomenon. The first systematic survey of the interaction of media and religion in a religious tradition, it shows how Christianity's historical development was shaped by the opportunities and contests of the various media forms used in its practice. His insights into some of Christianity's currently hotly debated issues provide a much-needed historical basis for multi-disciplinary study. Gryphon Gallery, Mezzanine Level, Building 1888, near the Corner of Swanston and Grattan Street, Melbourne. ( Light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the lecture. RSVP: Sue Ennis:

Tuesday 9 February, 11.30 am: Rally to stop onshore gas drilling and fracking. Big energy companies have sought to "open up" Victoria to onshore gas drilling and fracking--putting prime farmland and water resources at risk. Regional communities around the state have said "no" to risky unconventional gas extraction. Parliament of Victoria, Spring Street, Melbourne. Organised by Friends of the Earth, Gasfield Free Vic, Yes 2 Renewables.

Thursday 18 February, 6.30 pm – 8 pm: Market Forces Campaign Launch. Market Forces believes that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect not damage our environment. We're planning to make this year massive. Massive campaigns, resulting in massive change. We have climate change commitments from banks that need to be turned into concrete action that moves finance out of fossil fuels. We want to turn divestment from coal, oil and gas from a steady stream to an unstoppable torrent. And of course, we have new dirty coal proposals here in Australia and overseas that need to be stopped in their tracks.  Venue: Treasury Room, Imperial Hotel, 2 Bourke St, Melbourne (corner Spring Street). Food provided, drinks at bar prices. Free entry but bookings are essential as places are limited. RSVP here. Market Forces is proud to be an affiliate project of Friends of the Earth Australia and a member of the BankTrack international network, connecting us with passionate campaigners, environmental issue experts and advocates of environmentally sustainable behaviour from the finance sector.  

Monday 25 April – Friday 29 April: Living the Peace Testimony with Greg Rolles. Explore the connections between war, militarism, climate change, colonisation of Indigenous peoples, racism – and your own urges to help bring peace. Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, 1063 Lake Road, Bungendore, NSW. Telephone:02 6238 0588
Friday 10 June – Monday 13 June: Indigenous Spirituality and Culture with Karen Kime. Journey into Aboriginal ways of teaching country, kinship and cross-cultural issues in work and community. The workshop will also include examples of other indigenous people. Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, 1063 Lake Road, Bungendore, NSW. Telephone:02 6238 0588

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