Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bernie Sanders, The Pope and economic disparity

Cross-posted with permission from Advocacy at St Paul's

Senator Bernie Sanders is a bit of a political institution in the USA where he sits in the Senate. He is an independent but for many practical situations, he counts as a Democrat. 

The speech below begins in relation to the planned visit of Pope Paul to speak from America's seat of government. Please take time to listen to Senator Sanders and the economic statistics he quotes. His statistics relate to the USA but the spirit of them is the same for Australia. The convergence of finance and resources towards the top minuscule per cent away from the bottom majority. 

Bernie Sanders asks:  
What religion condones this type of economic disparity? 

The question we should be asking of ourselves is:
Should we be asking that question of our political leaders who profess to belong to and practice various faiths? 

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