Saturday, 1 September 2012

Spirit of the Whale Smoking Ceremony : St Kilda and James Price Point to-day


Saturday 1 Sept. - 15:30 until 17:30

On St Kilda Beach near the shoreline 100m south of St Kilda Pier.
Songlines connection. 4pm Melbourne time
St Kilda Euro Euroke/Yuroe Euroke. Grinding Stone Place

Hosted by Carolyn Briggs: Boon Wurrung Elder
Neil Blake: Port Phillip Baykeeper
Rodney Augustine: Jabirr-Jabirr and Nyul-Nyul Saltwater Man from Walmadan

#Please bring eucalyptus leaves and water to drink.

The country and the sea are calling!!! 
Grandmother Whale is in danger, it’s time for us all to
Wake up and unite!
The whales in the Kimberly needs you!

The Elders all around the world are watching! 
Now our Elders are calling for us all to take up our rightful place and responsibility! 
Calling all saltwater tribes to unite in our traditional way.
Doing smoking ceremonies all around the sea shore of Australia and at the heart of our sacred country “Uluru” at the same time on the same day! In our own ceremonial ways. We call on all our non-traditional brothers and sisters to unite with us. Let Grandmother Spirit light the ceremonial fire. Unite the ancient Song lines. And call upon the Whale Spirit to regain her strength.

Day: 1.9.2012 the day after the full moon.
Time: the smoking ceremony will start at 2:00pm
 Place: Walmadan “James Price Point” WA.
Synchronize your time in your zones s
o the sacred fires can all be lit at the same time.

Please share this calling with other brothers and sisters, 
let us know of your Tribal name and group location 
in this Spirit of Grandmother Whale calling ceremonial unity.

With respect and gratitude to all
Lorna Kelly
Phone: 0459679028

This is a moment that will be recorded on a scroll with the name of the place where we are gathering and ask the people there if they want to sign it, or write a message on it. Something like this scroll that was done in Melbourne last year, Then all the scrolls with some of the ashes from the sacred fires will be sent to Lorna Kelly in the Kimberley. In years to come our children might see these scrolls and the names recorded and photos of those that will participate in this spiritual event.
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