Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Food: corporate, regulated, narrowed, unhealthy, ripped off

This is an American movie.
Some, but only some, of the issues highlighted are particularly American.
There are lessons here for Australia.
And we have to consider Food, Inc features of our own
as outlined below:

The duopoly dominating Australia's food retailing: Woolworths and Coles
The efforts of smaller retailers to penetrate food retailing instanced by Aldi & IGA
The efforts of Woolworths and Coles to hinder competition
The monopsony behaviours of Woolworth and Coles in dealing with suppliers
The narrowing and decrease in food diversity available through retailers
The highly manufactured/processed nature of food,
particularly in the breakfast and school lunches food sector
The impact of narrowing the availability of fruit and vegetable varieties
(have you seen an Ellendale mandarin in the fruit section of Coles & Wooolies in recent years?)

Please use the comments section below to add to this list.

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