Sunday, 20 November 2011

Destroying books and a library: #OWS and angry irrigators

To many people, libraries are dull, quiet places.  But they are dangerous sites.  In times of political change and protest, they  are very often in the front line.  In the recent upheavals and removals surrounding #OccupyWallStreet, the #OWS library was destroyed.  Bibliocide is the word being used. Totalitarian minds like to take out books ... not through a library checkout.   Such minds take out books in the same way such minds organise the take out of people ... by destruction.  Books are killed because ideas are valuable, ideas transmitted through books can change governments and the world.  

Last year, Australia saw its own book burning
Griffith irrigators staged a Nazi-style book burning
because they disagreed with the Guide to the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
They forced a resignation and a review.
Now a new Basin Plan is about to be released on 28 November.
Will they burn the books again?

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