Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Murray Darling Basin Authority slammed by Fair Water Use for "astounding ignorance"

MDBA slammed for "astounding ignorance"
26th October 2011
Reports that Craig Knowles, Chair of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, is considering a dramatic increase in groundwater extractions as part of his Basin Plan have stunned public-water rights and environmental advocacy group, Fair Water Use.
The group’s coordinator, Ian Douglas, responded today, “This announcement suggests an astounding level of either ignorance or cynicism on the part of the Authority, and specifically Craig Knowles.”
“If the former, it would appear that Mr Knowles understands less about the hydrologic cycle than most secondary school children, and the absolute continuum that is surface water, groundwater and in-stream flows”, he continued.
“Proposing a 2,400 billion litres a year increase in take from the groundwater component of the resource, whilst modelling a reduction in diversion limits of a mere 2,800 billion litres, implies that the Basin Plan may involve a reduction in total extractions of a paltry 400 billion litres, around one tenth of the minimum amount recommended; it would also give the green light to a massive increase in the production of contaminated water by mining activities in the Basin”, Dr Douglas concluded.

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