Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Workplace rights battle in Wisconsin #WIunion #killthisbill


Dear People of Wisconsin,

I write from Melbourne Australia because it looks like a certain sector of your population, including those with power in your State Government, are nuts.  In fact, from this end of the telescope it looks like you have Fascists in your midst.

In 2007, the people of Australia got sick of their government ignoring their workplace rights and freedoms and chucked out the Federal Government and the Prime Minister lost his seat in Parliament - only the second time that this had occurred in Australian political history.  You see, it turned out that Australians - irrespective of whether their political allegiance was conservative or otherwise -  did not want a deregulated workplace. They did not want a free-for-all on wages and working hours.  They had had enough. They wanted what Australia is known for - a fair go!

Now it took a lot of leadership and a lot of rallies and marches to lead up to the change of government and the overthrowing of a Prime Minister - but it happened under the slogan Your Rights At Work.  

The other slogan to remember is Work in Freedom.  This comes from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) which promotes human rights in the workplace.  Yes, you there in Wisconsin, you have human rights in the workplace. Don't give up your hard won human rights for a Tea Party backed Governor: give up generations of human rights for a handful of conservative nutters!

Please attend the upcoming rallies.  Don't give up your right to speak out, your right for a fair deal at work.

Thanks to Steve Hayes (@hayesstw) in South Africa for making me get cracking to write about this.  And thanks to Liz McLellan (@hyperlocavore) in the USA for tweeting all the information she can. 

Miss Eagle 

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