Thursday, 24 February 2011

Killing chooks kindly? Chicken meat consumption in Australia and @abclandline #animalcruelty #chickenmeat


A couple of times over the last day or two, I have been giving Landline (@abclandline) a hard time.  This Sunday, 27 February, Landline is airing a program on Australian chicken meat.  Landline has been promoting this on Twitter - so I replied a couple of times questioning whether they were going to include possible and alleged animal cruelty in the program.  Landline does good stuff but there are times when it is too conservative for words in a manner which appears to be done to keep on side the business and agriculture sector.  

Clearly, my Twitters were read because I received an @misseagle on Twitter this morning telling me of this blog post.  I have posted a comment on the post but it has not, at time of writing, been moderated and so is not visible on the site.

Here is what I said:

Thank you Landline for this insight.  What a pity you weren't allowed to film the killing process.  This too is part of the ethical concerns about the production of meat in the live chicken to table process.  And I note that the OTHER company would not let you in.  I suppose because of the controversy surrounding their treatment of the human beings in their employ.  I do congratulate Inghams for allowing Ll in and hope it is the beginning of new public and consumer accountabilities in the industry.  We will want to know more.  We will want to know what happens in the slaughtering process from go to whoa.  I do hope there are some strong messages in the story for the consumer.  Consumer thoughtlessness is at the heart of some unethical corporate food decisions and consumers must take responsibility for their part in the food chain.

Baiada - the other company mentioned besides Inghams and who would not let Landline in - is infamous because, as the owner of Lilydale chicken, it last year faced allegations of shocking mistreatment of its workers.  See Free the Lilydale chicken workers Facebook site.  No wonder Baiada didn't want the media on their premises.  No transparency from that quarter.

So, Networkers, please tune in to ABC 1 next Sunday at 12 noon and have a squizz....then leave a comment on this blog with your thoughts.

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