Saturday, 5 March 2016

There is still community in Millers Point in Sydney. People are still fighting. Rally to save Millers Point. Fight against consigning it to the wealthy only.

Rally for Millers Point

Join the people of the Millers Point as they march to save their community.
Saturday 19th March 12.00 - 4.00 pm
We will gather on the forecourt of the Fire Station in Kent Street 
and march down Kent Street to the Village Green.
Below is a report from Patricia Corowa on the current state of affairs in Miller's Point, Sydney.  Many people have left.  Many, like Patricia, are still there but are being disturbed every night by the noise and carelessness of the security workers in the half-empty suburb.

There are about 70 of us left here now. Most of the infrastructure, apart from the gentrified restaurant and coffee shop in the Lend Lease development of Barangaroo, has disappeared. One bus that runs every half hour.. No post office.. No butcher shop.. No Bakery.. No servo.. No affordable supermarket.. Lotsa pubs of course, mainly for the yuppy set and their late night disgusting behaviour.. lotsa cars parked, some double, even triple and motor cycles of the workers on the Lend Lease developments and other NSW government restoration, maintenance and repairs of public properties where the tenants have been forcibly removed and are now being made ready for sale.. As you know I am a relatively recent resident compared to many others who have been born here or lived here for generations and decades in the purpose-bullt workers' housing; and are now grown old, with age-related unwellness and vulnerabllity. My Great Grandparents lived in The Rocks in 1881 and that's why the area was a preference when I applied for public housing in 1986, but was given the first and only offer here in 2012 on a current lease that is until 2022.. one of the reasons why I do not consent to the NSW governments' removal of the people and sale of the properties, apart from my age, and other extenuating circumstances.. As the notice indicates, the remnant of us continue to fight the capitalist delusion and folly of the NSW Government, do not consent to what they are doing to public assets, and are determined not to surrender..
Patricia Olive Corowa's photo.

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